Currency Value Counting(Precision Inv 120)

Precision Inv 120

To Count Any Currency Freely. To Count in Batch To Count in Adding . To Check Indian Fake Currency Specially By UV ,MG , MT ,3D And IR Picture Scanning System, While Counting. To Check Out Different Indian Currency Denomination, When The Currency Value Is Different From The First Counted Currency Value To Sum the Total Amount of Indian Currencys To Be Suitable For both Old and New India Currency To Be With Perfect Accuracy for Counting and Checking To Check Half Notes and Chain Currency To Start and Stop Automatically

Operational Features:

Automatc Count, Batch & Adding
Fake Detection By UV, MG, MT, 3D and IR Spectrum Picture
Check Currency Value By UV, MG, MT, 3D and IR Spectrum Picture
Sum the total Currency Value And Pieces.
Show Display Report Denomination wise & Value Wise
Sort The Different Denomination Currency when Counted Note Is different from First Counted Note
Intelligent, Mix And New 3 Different Operational Mode.

Technical Specification

Counting Speed: 1000pcs/min
Size for Countable notes: L-110-170mm W-50-85mm
Hopper Capacity: 200pcs
Stacker Capacity: 200pcs
Counter Display: 4 Digits
Batch Display: 3 Digits
Dimension: 316mm x 270mm x 190mm
Net Weight: 7.5kgs
Power Supply: AC 220V(1+10%),50Hz(1+5%)
AC 110V(1+10%),60Hz(1+5%)
Power Consumption: 80w
Continues Working time: 12 Hours