Currency Sorting Machine

Item Code: BPS-C1 With the"BPS C1, G & D is offering a banknote processing system which, due to its compact size and ease of use, can be used wherever it is needed. It is particularly well suited to cash desk areas or back offices of banks, as well as to cash centers and casinos. With its customized configuration, making it flexible and easy to use, this two-stacker machine (one sorting and one reject compartment) can be fully integrated into established workflows. The quality of the BPS C1 ensures its longevity.

Banknotes can be checked for their authenticity and value and can also be sorted by their denomination, series, and orientation. Whenever foreign currency is processed, our customers benefit from the multi-currency processing feature: The system can process up to ten different currencies. As an option, the BPS C1 can also sort banknotes by quality and read serial numbers and barcodes. With a counting speed of up to 1,500 banknotes per minute, the BPS C1 has proven itself to be an extremely cost-efficient system. It guarantees low processing costs and, thanks to the high performance of its sensors, it can relieve staff of the task of authenticating banknotes.

Authenticity detection
Denomination checking and sorting


Counting: Up to 1,500 BN / min.
Fitness detection: Up to 1,200 BN / min.
Serial number reading: Up to 1,200 BN / min.
Barcode reading: Up to 1,200 BN / min.
A total of three speed levels are available for manual setting.
100–240 V AC / 50–60 Hz, max. power consumption: 150 W
Separate customer display Receipt printer (2 × RS232)
PC data transfer via USB or LAN