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We are the service providers of CCTV System, CCTV Remote monitoring, Attendance system, DVR, Access Control Systems, Fingerprint attendance system for your business. We are identified as service provider of a large number of security and safety solutions to various industries. Besides offering a large number of safety solutions.

We, at one lick secure, are empowered with the support of our experienced technology experts, engineers and various security as well as surveillance products experts.

Our company was formed to supply Professional security cameras and surveillance equipment and High End Solutions with cutting edge technology to Governments, business owners, commercial and retail clients worldwide.

We are continuing to add new products to keep up with such a demanding market, and an ever increasing need in the world to provide protection for families, homes, businesses and property.
The company ethos on providing the highest standard of customer care and satisfaction reflects in every business decision and is displayed by all staff member's commitment and dedication for success.

We provide the solutions you need to protect your buildings and business; from the smallest shop to the largest retail centre; from workshops to car plants; from underground car parks to the tallest office blocks. We protect hotels, factories, banks and airports. The experience and specialist knowledge we have gained is now ready to work for you.

Our experts will help you assess your security risks and work with you to develop a solution tailored to meet your needs, no matter how straightforward or complex, no matter how small or large your project.